Our Culture

Our Culture

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It’s important you share the values that help shape LSEG. Our worldwide reputation depends on them.


We believe that ‘My word is my bond’ – London Stock Exchange’s age-old motto – is still just as relevant in today’s fast-changing world.  We are an organisation of tremendous integrity, grounded in an unshakeable commitment to building global markets based on transparency and trust.


We believe in collaborating to succeed.  That means we work as partners, rather than just suppliers. We build a positive culture that treats our customers, regulators, governments and shareholders as peers to develop better markets for the benefit of all.


We nurture new ideas and act as a pioneering Group of market innovators. Driven by fresh thinking, we invest proactively to make sure that our markets and services are constantly moving forward – developing and evolving with every advance in technology. 


We are committed to quality.  As a world-class business, we always aim to be the best and deliver to the highest standards. By collaborating together, we will sustain industry-leading levels of excellence, setting the benchmarks that inspire ever-better performance.