March 2020- From LSEG to the Buyside

March 2020- From LSEG to the Buyside

 LSEG Highlights

  • LSEG "Exchanging Ideas" welcomes Richard Worrell - Janus Henderson
  • Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™: new all-time records of value traded on a monthly, weekly, daily basis
  • IDEM: extended trading hours for FIB and miniFIB derivatives went live
  • Borsa Italiana ETFplus: new daily and weekly records
  • ESMA launches consultation on transparency regime for equity instruments

LSEG "Exchanging Ideas" - The Evolution of the Buy Side trader

      • “We need to focus on what really matters to help end-investors. Protect the ability to trade in size at the Midpoint is paramount”.
      • “The midpoint is the natural place for the investors to meet and trade. That’s how we can save clients money”

Turquoise Plato™

      • NEW monthly record: €14.6bn traded in February 2020
      • NEW weekly record: €4.5bn during the week from 24 February 2020​​​​​​
      • NEW daily record: €1.1bn traded on 28 February 2020​​​​
      • NEW monthly record: €1.3bn traded in February 2020
      • NEW daily record: €118.6m traded on 28 February 2020​​​​

Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ - Monthly value traded (Aug 2014 - Feb 2020)


London Stock Exchange

    • £107.7bn London Stock Exchange total order book value traded in February
      • 31% was traded during Closing Auctions
      • £12.1m ADVT in Closing Price Crossing (CPX) Session

London Stock Exchange International Order Book (IOB)

    • $7.7bn monthly value traded in February 2020 (+53% YoY), record since end of 2018, and average trade size was $385m
    • $850m daily value traded on 28 February, highest since June 2019
    • 35% of Russian GDRs dark trading for IOB securities was on Turquoise

London Stock Exchange ETPs

    • £29.6bn monthly value traded and 710k trades in February 2020
    • Click here for the London Stock Exchange's ETPs Factsheet

Borsa Italiana

    • €81.9bn Borsa Italiana total order book value traded in February 2020

IDEM - Derivatives

    • With new trading hours, over 70,000 contracts have been traded in the two weeks ending on 28 February, with extended sessions representing 7% of volumes for FTSE MIB futures and 13% for FTSE MIB mini-futures

      Borsa Italiana - ETFplus

        • €87.1bn AUM and €13bn monthly turnover on ETFplus 
        • NEW weekly record: 296.7m trades during the week ending on 28 February
        • Daily records: €1.45bn turnover (highest in the last 10 years) and 76,613 trades (highest ever) on 28 February 2020
        • ETFplus welcomes Rize ETF as a new issuer in February 2020
        • €1bn monthly turnover and 442 trades (NEW record) via Borsa Italiana RFQ in February 2020

      Borsa Italiana ETFplus and Cash Equity (week of 24-28 February 2020) 

Did you know that...
ESMA has launched a Consultation Paper on the MiFIR transparency regime for equity, ETFs and other related instruments

    • ESMA might consider the removal of the reference price (RP) and negotiated trade (NT) waivers, or an alternative might be to allow the trading under such waivers only for orders above certain sizes

LSEG and Turquoise teams are actively engaging with customers, so feel free to reach out in order to discuss and get insightful material and statistics