September 2019- From LSEG to the Buyside

September 2019- From LSEG to the Buyside


    • London Stock Exchange Global Equity Segment (GES) will allow investors to trade US blue chips and US-listed Asian ADRs during London hours
    • Turquoise Plato™ Market On Close (MOC) order type will offer an intraday block crossing opportunity in knowledge that official closing price will be achieved

London Stock Exchange Global Equity Segment (GES)

    • GES will bring 50 of the most actively traded US securities and 30 liquid Chinese ADRs
    • Trade global equities during London time zone, in USD and with no stamp duty
    • Utilise a CREST Depository Interest (CDI) workflow to trade and settle the international security in London
    • Buy in London, Sell in New York: ability to move CDIs allowing for cross-border execution and settlement within a T+2 cycle

Turquoise Plato™ Market On Close (MOC) Order Type

    • Official Closing Price only, aligned with core investor benchmarking mandates
    • No interruption to existing market hours or closing price formation process
    • Minimum Execution Size (MES) supported, Large In Scale (LIS) waiver

Turquoise Plato™

    • €214.1bn value matched on Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ since its 2014 launch to end August 2019, of which €210.1bn or 98% traded since Turquoise's collaboration with the Plato Partnership in September 2016
      • €358.9K average trade size for all trades in August
      • €1.2m average trade size for MiFID II ESMA Band 8 and 9 blue chips above Large In Scale (LIS)
      • €13.0m max trade size in August

Turquoise Plato Lit Auctions™ for all trade sizes

    • Truly multilateral: only 0.03% of total activity occurred when the same counterparty was on both sides, both orders were received within 100ms, and the order sizes were the same on both the buy and sell.

London Stock Exchange

    • £103.3bn London Stock Exchange total order book value traded in August 2019
      • 30.8% was traded during Closing Auctions
      • £11.7m ADVT in Closing Price Crossing (CPX) Session
    • £974.4m monthly value traded involving London Stock Exchange hidden LIS orders in August 2019

FTSE100 Daily Turnover and Index Values

London Stock Exchange International Order Book (IOB)

    • $6.5bn monthly traded value in August 2019, up +9% MoM
      • $309m monthly ADVT
      • 17.1% of turnover was executed during auctions

Shanghai-London Stock Connect

    • $74.6m monthly traded value in August 2019 for Huatai Securities
      • Huatai Securities has been the 3rd most actively traded Asian security on London Stock Exchange in August
    • $331m total value traded since Huatai Securities listing in June 2019

Borsa Italiana

    • ADVT on Borsa Italiana Order Books was €2.58bn in August 2019

Borsa Italiana MTA - Most Traded Stocks (August 2019)

ETPs - London Stock Exchange

    • £10.9bn (420k trades) monthly order book value traded for ETPs in August 2019, +59% YoY
    • £68bn (2,603k trades) YTD order book value traded for ETPs in 2019.
    • London Stock Exchange ETP Auto-Complete RFQ - The new Sub LIS RFQ model (Auto-Complete “Anonymous to All” Auction RFQ with Order Book Sweep) and existing LIS RFQ model (“Named, Winner Takes All” with no order book sweep) are available to test in our Customer Development Service (CDS).

ETPs Borsa Italiana

    • 1,327 instruments (1,010 ETFs and 317 ETCs/ETNs) available on ETFplus
    • ETFplus reached €71.8bn AUM, and €8,853.7bn total turnover
    • ATFund reached €389.2m AUM

RFQ on Borsa Italiana ETFplus

    • €764.1m monthly value traded via Borsa Italiana ETFplus RFQ in August 2019
      • €3.0m average trade size (monthly)
      • €53.9m max trade size (monthly)
    • €5.95bn value traded with Borsa Italiana RFQ functionality in 2019 YTD

Borsa Italiana ETFplus RFQ - Monthly Turnover and Number of Trades

Conferences & Events

London Stock Exchange Cash Secondary Markets Reception
30 September, London (Paternoster Square)

Trading Online Expo
23-24 October, Milan

London Stock Exchange Investment Fund Seminars
18 Nov, Chicago – 20 Nov, New York – 21 Nov, Boston

Did you know that...

On 3-5 September, Borsa Italiana hosted
Italian Equity Week:

    • More than 60 listed companies attended, accounting for about 40% of Borsa Italiana's market cap, plus 3 non-listed companies

More than 1,100 meetings with 150 international investors from Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America.