February 2019- From LSEG to the Buyside

February 2019- From LSEG to the Buyside


    • Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ sets daily and weekly records of €653m and €2.6bn value traded, respectively
    • Borsa Italiana ETFplus RFQ continues growth, setting new records
    • MTS reports record volumes on its MTS Repo markets
    • ELITE launches ELITE Scotland

    Turquoise Plato™ recognised by independent Rosenblatt Securities:

    • Thanks to our global buyside and sellside customers, Turquoise Plato™ was ranked #1 midpoint dark pool with record values traded including electronic block trades on a single order book

    Rosenblatt - Average Daily Turnover (December 2018) by Venue

    Turquoise Lit™

    Turquoise Plato™

    Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ - Top 10 Trades (monthly)

    Turquoise Plato Lit Auctions™

    • Over £8.6bn total value traded via Turquoise Plato Lit Auctions™ in 2018
    • €588m monthly value traded in Turquoise Plato Lit Auctions™
    • Only 0.03% of total activity occurred with the same counterparty on both sides, both orders received within 100ms and order sizes were the same

    London Stock Exchange

    • London Stock Exchange Market Share of UK Lit trading activity was 69.8% (monthly)
    • £100.6bn London Stock Exchange total order book value traded in January 2019
      • 31% was traded during Closing Auctions in January 2019
      • ADVT on London Stock Exchange Order Book was £4.57bn (monthly)
    • £9.4m Average Daily Value Traded in Closing Price Crossing (CPX) Session
      • £30,400 Average Trade Size
      • Max Trade Size: £3.9m (859% of LIS) in HSBA on 4 January 2019

    FTSE 100 Daily Turnover and Index Values

    London Stock Exchange Mid-Point Pegged Orders

    • Over £6.1bn total value traded via London Stock Exchange Mid-Point Pegged Orders in 2018
    • £385.4m monthly value traded via London Stock Exchange mid-point pegged orders in January 2019
    • £17.5m average daily value traded in January 2019
    • Max Trade Size: £2.7m (464% of LIS) in PRU on 18 January 2019

    ​International Order Book (IOB)

    • 2018 yearly highlights: 5 new GDR listings, $97bn total on-book turnover (+7.5% YoY)
    • Double-digit yearly growth in traded value in GDRs from South Korea, Netherlands, India and Taiwan

    Borsa Italiana

    Borsa Italiana MTA - Most Traded Stocks (monthly)

    ETPs - London Stock Exchange

    • £8.5bn Order book value traded for ETPs in January 2019, with 323,000 trades

    ETPs Borsa Italiana

    • From 4 March 2019, the Opening Auction will be introduced on ETFplus
      • Further details can be found here
    • ETFplus AUM reached €70.55bn (+6.68% vs January 2018)
    • €10.0bn ETFplus monthly turnover in January 2019

    Borsa Italiana ETFplus - Most Traded ETPs (monthly)

    RFQ on Borsa Italiana ETFplus

    • €725m monthly value traded via Borsa Italiana ETFplus RFQ functionality
      • €3.23m average trade size
      • €45.99m max trade size
    • Monthly record: 228 trades with RFQ functionality, up from previous record of 100 trades in December 2018

    Borsa Italiana ETFplus RFQ - Monthly Turnover and Number of Trades


    • MTS sets record trading across the MTS Repo interdealer platform and the dealer-to-client RFQ segment of BondVision called Global Collateral Management (GCM)
      • Record: €220bn average daily term-adjusted volume in January 2019
      • Record: daily volume close to €750bn on 21 January
    • New List Trading functionality live on MTS BondVision, allowing to trade up to 50 bonds simultaneously with a single click

    Primary Markets

    • London Stock Exchange: 2 IPOs in January 2019, raising £2.0m
      • Dev Clever Holdings on Main Market (21 January 2019)
      • Starcrest Education The Belt & Road on Main Market (31 Jan 2019)
    • Borsa Italiana: admission of Covivio on MTA (2 January 2019)

    Merger of Beni Stabili into Covivio,with delisting of Beni Stabili from MTA

Conferences & Events

LSEG Institutional Investors Roadshow - Ireland
27-28 February, Dublin

Turquoise Plato™ Working Group
6 March, London

Turquoise Plato™ Working Group
8 March, Amsterdam

FIX EMEA Trading Conference
14 March, London

LSEG Annual Debt Conference
20 March, London

Rosenblatt European Market Structure Conference
26 March, London

Did you know that...

....To celebrate the launch of ELITE Scotland:
David Schwimmer, CEO of LSEG, the Right Honourable Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and Luca Peyrano, CEO of ELITE, welcomed seven new Scottish companies to open trading in London on 29 January.