Visits to London Stock Exchange for international delegations

Visits to London Stock Exchange for international delegations

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Inside the Markets

We offer groups wishing to visit London Stock Exchange a dedicated programme.

Our expert trainer will provides delegates with an overview of some of the history of London Stock Exchange in order to put into context the role of London Stock Exchange and how our markets work today. During the training we will explore the options companies have when seeking to grow their businesses and the different sources of finance they can access, as well as comparing our Main Market with AIM, which is our successful market for young and growing companies.

 Delegates will gain an insight into who the key market participants are in the City from the investors to the regulators. We will also describe the current challenges facing the industry.

We use a live market feed, so the delegates can understand how our trading services work and what is happening in the market during their visit. By showing delegates live "breaking news", we are able to deliver a compelling event. The presentation is designed to be interactive and delegates are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation.  We will also run a competition with a prize for the person who can estimate the value of FTSE 100 at a pre defined point during the session.

Having run courses for attendees from Europe, America, Central Asia and the Middle East, we understand how important it is to develop an international mindset. Wherever in the world you’re based, ‘Inside the Markets’ will give you a clear view of the key participants in today’s capital markets and show how they interact. 'Inside the Markets’ provides an opportunity for you to learn more about the key participants in today’s capital markets and how they interact.

Every programme includes the use of live market data and addresses topics such as:

  • How the flow of corporate information is monitored
  • The impact of internationalisation on the AIM market
  • Common forms of market abuse and how this is dealt with

Tailored specifically to each client’s needs, these sessions can be delivered here at London Stock Exchange's headquarters in Paternoster Square, next to St Paul's Cathedral, or at our client’s locations, subject to prior arrangement.

Key takeaways

  • A delegate pack for all programmes of 4 hours or more
  • A group photo opportunity in our Market Open area
  • Certificates of attendance for each delegate