Marwyn Value Investors Joins SFM

Marwyn Value Investors Joins SFM

Marwyn Value Investors Ltd. today joined the Specialist Fund Market, the London Stock Exchange’s market for alternative investment vehicles.

David Williams, Chairman of Marwyn Value Investors commented:

"We are always looking to broaden our investor base and are delighted that Marwyn Value Investors, the quoted feeder fund to the Marwyn Neptune Fund, has joined the SFM with its dedicated infrastructure and focus on institutional, professional and highly knowledgeable investors. Given the intention to further enhance the Marwyn Neptune Fund portfolio, both through existing and new investments, we are very pleased to have made a move that should considerably assist our fundraising ability."

Tracey Pierce, Head of Equity Primary Markets at London Stock Exchange Group, said:

“Marwyn Value Investor’s move to the Specialist Fund Market demonstrates that the choice of markets we offer to funds, is not only important at IPO stage, but also gives funds the ability to choose the optimal public market environment to support their on-going development and growth.”

Aaron Stocks of Travers Smith LLP, who advised the Company on its introduction to the SFM commented:

"We are delighted to have been involved in this transaction. As the Company is a feeder fund and has two investments of over 20 per cent of its gross assets, the Prospectus Rules required us to include three mini-prospectuses in the Company's prospectus. Despite the length and complexity of the overall document, the application process was very efficient."

The Specialist Fund Market is the first public capital market specifically designed to offer access to permanent capital for specialist investment vehicles that wish to target institutional, professional and highly knowledgeable investors. The Specialist Fund Market is an EU Regulated Market, with admission standards that offer sufficient flexibility for single strategy hedge funds, private equity funds and other alternative strategies and structures. Specialist Fund Market issuers will be subject to the Prospectus Directive, Transparency Directive, Market Abuse Directive and other EU requirements. The market is open to both UK and international issuers.

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