Danske Bank joins European Bond Market through MTS BondVision

Danske Bank joins European Bond Market through MTS BondVision

MTS, Europe’s premier facilitator for the electronic fixed income market, today announced that Danske Bank has joined MTS as a market maker on its BondVision market.

MTS BondVision is a multi-dealer-to-client electronic bond trading market, connecting investors to one of the largest networks of market makers available on an online trading platform for euro-denominated securities. The addition of Danske Bank takes the total number of liquidity providers on BondVision to 29.

The BondVision platform supports trading in multiple currencies, including EUR, GBP, USD and CEE local currencies as well as benefiting from pre- and post-trade services.

Bo Sondergaard, Head of Fixed Income Sales at Danske Bank, comments: “We are delighted to be joining the European bond markets through BondVision, providing liquidity to both the Nordic region and the rest of Europe. The platform’s efficient electronic trading technology will give us direct access to a broad network of investors.”

Jack Jeffery, CEO at MTS, said: “We have seen a significant increase in demand in the Nordic region for the ability to trade European government bonds in an electronic market that improves on the efficiencies of voice trading and delivers the level of transparency required in the current regulatory environment. As Europe’s premier facilitator for the electronic market, we welcome new participants to our platform who will bring even more liquidity to the professional fixed income market, and look forward to further expansion in the Nordic region.”

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