London Stock Exchange tops 200 ETFs

London Stock Exchange tops 200 ETFs

The London Stock Exchange today admitted seven new iShares ETFs, taking the total number of ETFs on the Exchange to 200. First launched in 2000, the ETF market in London has continued its strong expansion in spite of difficult recent market conditions, with 18 new admissions and £12.2 billion worth of trading so far this year.

Pietro Poletto, Head of ETF and ETC Markets at London Stock Exchange Group, said:

“It is testament to the attractiveness of the ETF model that at time when equity markets are perceived as being quiet, the ETF market has continued to expand, with very strong trading activity, and regular new product issuance.”

The issuers on the Exchange’s ETF market are: Deutsche Bank, ETF Securities, Invesco Powershares, iShares and Lyxor. Between them, they issue 78 ETFs based on developed market equity indices; 21 fixed income based ETFs; 41 ETFs tracking emerging markets indices; 53 ETFs covering a broad range of industrial sectors or specific asset classes such as property, private equity or commodities, and seven ‘style’ ETFs that focus on specific investment approaches such as small caps or companies with a record of strong dividend payments. In addition, there are now 123 Exchange Traded Commodities and one Exchange Traded Note.

Since the first full year of trading in ETFs, the total value traded in a single year has increased 26 times, up from £1.3 billion in 2001 to £34.7 billion in 2008. The most heavily traded ETF in terms of value traded remains the iShares FTSE 100. Fixed income based ETFs have increased in popularity, with the 21 bond-based ETFs accounting for £857.8 million worth of trading in March this year.

In 2006, the Exchange became the first market globally to operate a multicurrency trading service for ETFs, allowing issuers to offer products for trading in sterling, US dollars or Euros. There are now 119 of these ETF multi-currency lines available, giving investors greater choice and flexibility.

The new iShares ETFs admitted to trading today are: iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan; iShares MSCI Europe ex-EMU; iShares FTSE Developed World ex-UK; iShares Barclays Government Bond 5-7; iShares Barclays Government Bond 10-15; iShares Barclays Euro Treasury Bond and iShares FTSE Gilts UK 0-5.

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Notes to editors

About London Stock Exchange Group:

London Stock Exchange Group is Europe's leading diversified exchange business. It operates Europe's largest and most liquid equity market with over 500 member firms, holds the number one position in trading ETFs and securitised derivatives, and through its interest in MTS, is the leading platform for the trading of fixed income products.

The London Stock Exchange itself is the world's most international exchange with nearly 700 overseas companies from over 70 countries on its markets. It has consolidated this position in the last three calendar years, having attracted 218 international companies which raised over £32 billion between them. These figures include international companies on AIM, the London Stock Exchange's growth market, which has grown to become the world's most successful market for small and medium sized enterprises with over 1500 companies at the end of 2008.

Following its merger with Borsa Italiana in 2007, London Stock Exchange Group also now offers post-trade services such as netting, clearing and settlement on an efficient and competitive basis, and a comprehensive range of European bond trading services through MTS.