“La Finanza Per Tutti”: Borsa Italiana launches online financial education service

“La Finanza Per Tutti”: Borsa Italiana launches online financial education service

Borsa Italiana is pleased to announce the launch of “La Finanza per tutti“ (Finance for Everybody), a new virtual space dedicated to financial education for retail investors. It can be experienced online at www.borsaitaliana.it

The idea stems from the Borsa Italiana’s commitment to serve the needs of small investors by offering an educational tool that will help inform their investment decisions .

Gabriele Villa, Head of private investors of London Stock Exchange Group said, “ Borsa Italiana has always invested in private investors’ education and the new virtual space La Finanza per tutti aims to share basic financial information to invest in listed products with everybody. This is the first step of a more ambitious project that defines the Borsa Italiana website as a new benchmark for innovation for online financial education.”

From the homepage of Borsa Italiana users can access the four main sections of the new facility: Video, Tools, Publications and Events.

The Video Section features three distinct offerings:

  • Live Meetings make listed companies results presentations accessible to investors. These typically feature strategic and financial analysis from companies’ most senior executives.
  • Video Lessons, designed by leading Italian traders, take users through the features and functions of the most widely used financial instruments, common investment strategies as well as describing the dynamics of important events affecting listed companies on the market.
  • The Live Market Section is a forum connecting users to the operational rooms of the main Italian intermediaries where discussion will focus on news shaping the  financial markets.

The Tools Section allows users access to free software ranging from trading simulation, risk management and investment strategy.

First-time retail investors will be able to use the Publications Section to access teaching guides introducing basic market functions and other Borsa Italiana products.

The Events Section provides a showcase for all educational events organised or sponsored by Borsa Italiana. Users will also be able to register for future events.

Christophe Grosset, Head of Coverred Warrants & Certificates Unicredit Italy said:

“We are very proud to have been selected as a partner for this new service. This is clearly an initiative that fits our investors’ needs by providing them with useful and straightforward materials and tools. I also want to congratulate the professional approach of the LSE - Borsa Italiana team who have championed a culture of financial education.”

Claudia Segre, Assiom Forex Secretary said:

“Assiom Forex supports the launch of this new section of Borsa Italiana website. It represents an unique opportunity to share useful and trustworthy information from Borsa Italiana for anyone uncertain or new to the world of finance.”

Davide Brocchi, Directa Sim trader said:

"I am very proud to participate in this educational initiative that allows even new users to enter into the world of finance with confidence and with the benefit of a comprehensive set of educational tools. It is a fantastic guide for beginners.”

The direct link to “La finanza per tutti” can be found here.

For further information, please contact:

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