X2M provides Low Latency Trading Access to the international financial markets
X2M is a growing collaborative community

Interconnected to trading venues and financial networks

X2M data centres, partners, exchange connectivity and trading access

X2M provides the following Global Market Access solutions:

  • Trading Access
  • Proximity Hosting for Low-Latency Trading
  • Automated Trading
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • High Frequency Trading (HFT)
  • Direct Markets Access

Sell side


Buy side


Market access externalisation (Exchanges and MTFs)

Link to SOR, CEP and DMA services

Management of market platforms

Management of customers' infrastructures

Trading and clearing applications

MiFID-related services

Disaster recovery and business continuity


Assistance H24 24/7


MTFs Brokers
ISVs Information providers
Brokers Financial services providers
Info providers
Financial services providers

X2M provides Low Latency Trading Access to the international financial markets.

Solutions to facilitate ultra low Latency and maximum efficiency.

Our IT infrastructure enables brokers to build and optimize powerful turn key solutions.

X2M provides customers with IT Infrastructure services via data centers in Milan, Rome, Frankfurt and London.

X2M helps customers to design and build trading solutions according to bespoke requirements.

A growing collaborative community interconnected to trading venues and financial networks.