Gatelab’s MiFID compliant multi-asset cross-market suite of components fulfils the needs of buy-side, sell-side and hedge fund partners. From a fast single-click trading front-end to a flexible and easily-programmable automated trading and quoting engine, from a dealer-to-broker FIX interconnection and a fast EMS and OMS, to a real-time forwarding of captured trades/orders to position keeping and back-office systems.

The suite is composed of:

  • traderpath, a front-office platform for automatic quoting, trading, order routing and execution management for buy-side and sell-side firms. It features easy integration of external pricing, position keeping and back-office systems. Thanks to its versatile algorithmic engine, algorithmicpath, the suite provides a high performance environment for market event flow processing and execution of correlated actions (trading, quoting, pricing and hedging)
  • fixpath, a high performance environment built to receive orders from institutional customers and send them to a brokerage firm via FIX or through native APIs. It represents the complete solution for buy-side dealer to sell-side broker interconnections via FIX standard protocol
  • marketpath, which provides access to exchanges, multilateral trading facilities (MTFs), information providers, external position keeping and back-offices systems, providing a uniform API by concealing protocol and data layout dependencies
  • exchangepath, a framework for the fast development of private intra-group and inter-group regulated e-marketplaces with high configurability of negotiable objects and negotiation rules and roles. It supports systematic internalization of orders and MTF building
  • dealpath, a smart, easy and highly configurable (user-defined dynamic rules) multiple instrument solution which allows to forward orders and trades captured from various markets, in real-time mode and addressed to position keeping, middle and back-office systems.