GATElab’s traderpath certified for the new Italian Derivatives Market (IDeM)

Borsa Italiana, a member of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), has certified GATElab’s traderpath gateway for connectivity to the new Italian Derivatives Market (IDeM) based on the TMX Group’s SOLA© platform. Taking advantage of the successful deployment of its gateway to the LSEG-owned EDX market based on SOLA® in 2009, GATElab is now providing a revamped version of its traderpath platform to both market makers and price takers.

High-speed low-latency pricing and quoting functionalities for Primary Market Makers are complemented with auto-quoting capabilities fully abiding by market regulations in response to RFQs for Secondary Market Makers. Additionally, a pre-defined toolkit of trading strategies is made available in the algorithmicpath environment where users can easily design, prototype and release their own multi-asset strategies, which make use of internal or custom financial libraries and rely on traderpath gateways to subscribe to low-latency real-time data and gain access to markets.