Gatelab was founded in 1989 by Ferdinando La Posta and Antonio Caroselli with the vision to play a leading role in the application of emerging technologies to mission-critical areas, such as: finance, data integration management and marketing. The company has been part of the London Stock Exchange Group since December 2012.

Since the early ’90s Gatelab has been providing its customers, namely banks and financial institutions, with state-of-the-art technologies in real-time transaction and information handling, to any kind of electronic source or destination, i.e. electronic exchanges, multilateral trading facilities and information providers.

By utilizing over 20 years of experience gained by creating products and solutions aimed at satisfying our customers’ key trading requirements, Gatelab products are perceived by end-users as being continuously innovative, giving them quantifiable advantages in their demanding businesses.

In the last eight years, Gatelab has been committed to provide its buy-side and sell-side partners with the most advanced trading technology, from algorithmic trading to ultra-low latency, HFT solutions. This innovation and our continued commitment to our clients will allow the next generation of our solutions to take trading technology to a new level.

Finally, we have always believed firmly in the innovative boost from the academic world, which has given life to close relationships with some universities both in Italy and abroad. Such a partnership has allowed us to pursue our company goals in a very effective way and has helped empower our company to be able to build some of the most effective and intelligent trading solutions available.

Ferdinando La Posta - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer