Gatelab was founded in 1989 with only private capital investing. Its head office is located in Isernia, Italy. Up until the 90’s, Gatelab matured its know-how by offering project and consultancy services, using fine tuned skills in many areas, such as: finance, marketing and risk evaluation for credit granting. This allowed, on one side, to mature functional knowledge in these areas, integrating them to technological ones, the company’s historical patrimony. From the beginning of the 2000 up to now, on the other side, Gatelab has developed technologically advanced products, mainly focusing on the financial trading area, with strongly attractive functional and non-functional characteristics for both Italian and international financial and banking institutions.

1989-2000 - Gatelab experienced exponential growth within their client-partners and consequently an increase in its revenues and overall profits by offering project and consultancy services in different areas, such as: finance, marketing and risk evaluation for credit granting. The Gatelab management team never lacked energy or spirit of enterprise, as proven by the opening of its Milan's sales office in 2000, to which it has been entrusted the task to closely follow the relationships with the most important banking and financial groups in the Italy.

2001-2002 - Subsequently the company increased its share capital, in order to support either the wished increase of the firm or to make forehead to investments in the development of a new and innovative suite, mainly focusing on the financial trading area. The trend that followed up such initiatives has been definitely positive so that, to 31st December 2002 inclusive, Gatelab gained a 28.5% increase in revenues when compared with the previous year.

2003-2007 - In the following four-year period, in spite of the contingent situation in financial markets, Gatelab was able to consolidate its revenues and balance the books with a profit, by adding new, highly professional tools to its suite for manual and algorithmic trading, quoting, hedging and pricing.

2008-2010 - During the first months of 2008, Gatelab made it to the foreign financial markets through the opening of its London office, in the throbbing heart of the City. And, following the investment set forth and its expansion plan in foreign markets, the Gatelab Ltd company was started in May 2008. During this period, the company focused on the expansion of its products suite in a multi-bank, multi-asset environment, by deploying them under an ASP (Application Service Provider) model other than at customers' premises. The growing trend, at more than 20% per year, started in 2007-2008, has been maintained over this period and the following four-year period. In spite of the financial markets contingent situation, Gatelab has been able to consolidate its revenue and balance the books with a profit, developing new professional products for manual and algorithmic trading, quoting, hedging and pricing.

2011 - The first investment started in 2009-2010, on high-throughput low-latency scenario, brought Gatelab to obtain in 2011 the traderpath software and hardware products suite, recognized as one of the fastest trading platforms currently available in the market. Thus, allowing the company to increase its national and international customer-partner base by 30% in one year.

2012 - Gatelab continued a growing trend by investing in human and technological resources. The positive trend that marked the activity of Gatelab’s management in the past years was once again confirmed in the fiscal year 2012, when total revenues stood at about 4.5 million euros. In fact, Gatelab invested not only in technologies, through which major foreign High-Frequency-Trading (HFT) customers were acquired, but also in human resources, with a relevant increase in the number of its employees, both in Italy and in England.

2013 - The target of greater international growth, planned at the beginning of 2012, led us to identify the ideal partner in the London Stock Exchange Group, which accepted the industrial project proposed by Gatelab, by also acquiring a majority stake (67%) in the company, in order to better manage the growth process for the years to come. Consequently, starting from December 2012, Gatelab became part of the London Stock Exchange Group, always working hard to promptly supply its customers with the most comprehensive and technologically advanced front end algorithmic trading platforms, together with its best performing HFT solutions.