Primary Data Centre Move


Primary Data Centre Move

LSEG Primary Data Centre Move

Find the up to date status and key links to important documents relating to the LSEG Primary Data Centre Move project.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the LSEG moving to a new Primary Data Centre?

LSEG completed a review of its global data centre strategy and a specific element of the review was the future viability of LSEG’s primary data centre (PDC) located in City of London.  Given the age of the facility and the anticipated investment required to maintain the high levels of resiliency demanded by LSEG and its customers, LSEG has decided to transition to a modern, more efficient, highly resilient and well connected data centre.

Where is the new DC?

The LSEG Data Centre will remain in London and will be relocating to a new, highly efficient facility in the Docklands area.  Please contact your customer representative for further details.

What are the timescales of the move?

LSEG has a comprehensive plan which illustrate the critical activities and milestones – the key highlights are included on this page.

It is important that customers are ready for the initial Market Dress Rehearsal which will take place on 17th September 2022.

LSE and Turquoise markets will go live at the new Data Centre over the weekend of 15th October with the initial trading day at the new Data Centre being Monday 17th October 2022.

Trade Echo is currently planned to transition at a slightly later date.

Will I be impacted by the Data Centre Move?

All customers who have a direct connection (including VPN) or are hosted within the current Primary Data Centre will need to transition their connectivity (and for Hosted customers their equipment will need to also be installed) into the new site.

What are the benefits of the move?

While the move to a new Data Centre is essential due to the end of life of the current facility, there are also a number of key benefits the move will provide, including:

  • The new DC is significantly more efficient in the way the site manages its power consumption, which is entirely from green energy
  • The migration has provided the opportunity to refresh the trading platform infrastructure on to newer and more performant hardware
  • Maintaining the very high availability needs of our business operations and expectations of our customers
  • LSEG has secured a long-term lease for the space and so it will be the future technology home for LSEG’s primary data centre
  • An opportunity to deploy the latest technology to continue to deliver high levels of performance, security and resiliency
  • We have been able to expand and enhance our product offering, by introducing dedicated caged “pods” that can be occupied by a single client, providing additional flexibility and security

What support is LSEG making to customers during the transition?

LSEG has a dedicated project team and remote hands technical team to assist customer’s transfer from the current data centre to the new facility.  In addition, Hosting customers will be able to parallel install at the new site without any additional recurring fees and CMC customers will not be charged additional port fees during parallel operation (up to market cutover).  We have ensured that customers have had an extended notice period of the move and will be able to test their systems against the LSEG trading systems ahead of the market go live at the new site.

Are there any mandatory activities required to be completed by customers?

Where customers directly connect their CMC circuits into the current Primary Data Centre they will need to move these circuits into the new Primary Data Centre or move to an alternative CMC Hub Connectivity product.  Hosted customers should have returned their service order forms before end of April 2022 and then install new circuits and parallel install into the new site to be ready for the transition.  Customers leveraging direct connectivity services will need to request new enablements and will need to reconfigure their network.  There are no mandatory software re-certification requirements for customers as there are no functional platform changes.

What are the key dates for the testing ahead of go live?

Please see the timeline illustration for the key project dates.

Local Customer test Services for London Stock Exchange and Turquoise markets will be available from Q2 2022.  The Quasi “future live trading systems” will be made available at the new DC from 22nd August 2022. 

All customers will need to participate in the two mandatory Customer Dress Rehearsals currently scheduled for 17th September and 1st October 2022. 

Who can I speak to with regards to the move or any systems changes?

We have added a contacts list on this page.  If you are unsure as to who to contact please send an email with the nature of your enquiry or question to

Where can I obtain the most up to date information regarding the transition?

We will continue to update this web page with the latest information.  Directly connected customer and those customers subscribing to the Co-location and DC Services will continue to be contacted by the Hosting and Connectivity teams.  A Technical User Group Session for Customers is also being scheduled to take place the next few weeks.

Progress on the mandatory Customer testing service and Dress Rehearsals will be available via global Service Announcements:

You can also subscribe to future Service Announcments by emailing us:

What is happening to the current Primary Data Centre?

The current Primary Data Centre is being re-purposed and so all customer equipment will need to be decommissioned and removed from site by the end of December 2022.

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