A word from our co-founders

A word from our co-founders

Celebrating 25 years of success

The power to leap ahead.

GATElab's focus is firmly on innovation. It has an outstanding track record of driving up standards by putting sophisticated technology to practical use. Since its early days GATElab has long-believed in partnering with the world of academia to drive this innovation, and has strong relationships with universities both in Italy and abroad. These partnerships have allowed GATElab to pioneer some of the most effective and intelligent trading solutions available, and grow the organisation into the international business it is today. Congratulations to the whole team of GATElab in London, Milan and Isernia, who celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Antonio Caroselli
Co-founder and Chairman of Board of Directors, GATElab

“Quality of service and extreme attention to performance has allowed us to establish the GATElab brand as ‘best of breed’ solution in capital markets. Our 25 years of technological evolution could be summarized in our trading platform whose latency at its third generation has been reduced from milliseconds, to hundredths of microseconds and now tenths of microseconds.”

Ferdinando La Posta
Co-founder and CEO, GATElab

"We are proud of becoming part of such a globally prestigious organisation as London Stock Exchange Group and look forward to supplying our customers with the most comprehensive and technologically advanced trading technology."