Switching from Deutsche Börse for Regulatory Reporting

Switching from Deutsche Börse for Regulatory Reporting

Read this case study on the speedy onboarding of all the FCA's clients for MiFID

UnaVista is Europe's leading regulated reporting platform for MiFID II, EMIR and SFTR. We have created this page as a resource for Deutsche Börse clients who need a new provider for their regulatory reporting. As new information becomes available we will update this page to keep you informed of the latest details.

We have developed a simple process for Deutsche Börse clients to help reduce the burden.

Use our Convertor to make things painless 

If you want to use the UnaVista specification we can onboard you immediately. However, we are also exploring creating a Convertor specific for the Deutsche specifications, so you won't need to reengineer your data in order to send it to UnaVista.

One platform for all your reporting

UnaVista is the only regulated provider of MiFID II, EMIR and SFTR reporting. Firms can report for all these regulations (MiFID ARM/APA, EMIR, SFTR, G20, Swiss reporting and more) through one interface, across all reportable asset classes, helping you to reduce the operational burden of reporting. 

Regulated, Experienced, Trusted

UnaVista has been a regulated provider of reporting services for over 10 years. Being regulated means we are held to a particular standard of service for clients, but it also means we are in regular contact with the regulators. This allows us to help our community of over 1,500 clients understand and interpret regulatory change, but also to provide the voice of our customers back to the regulators to influence future change.

Historical data transfer and PI data

As part of the EMIR porting process the transfer of historical data is a legal requirement and so we have an existing process in place. For MiFID II UnaVista has workflow tools that make data transfer not required. UnaVista is also exploring solutions to integrate third party PI data for ARM reporting into UnaVista’s secure in-house systems.

Dedicated Account Manager and Onboarding Consultant

Your firm will get a dedicated account manager and an onboarding consultant to guide you through the switch and make it as seamless as possible. 

Experienced speedy onboarding process

UnaVista has a great deal of experience onboarding large numbers of clients in short time period. In 2011 we onboarded over 440 clients in less than 6 months as part of a decommissioning of the FCA's TRS service. As part of the go-live for the more complex MiFID II we developed an automated onboarding for clients who could conform to the standard spec, ensuring a turnaround of 72 hours and onboarding over 480 clients in 6 months.

Analytics with Peer-to-Peer

UnaVista Analytics is a new platform to help firms reporting through our MiFIR ARM to get more from their data. Using the power of the largest MiFIR community in Europe we can provide insightful anonymised peer group benchmarking analysis, to help you firm understand if your reporting stands out to the regulators.

Future proofed for Brexit

LSEG has authorised regulated services in both UK and EU, ensuring you are covered for all future EMIR, MiFID II and SFTR reporting and any equivilents. Single contract to cover all reporting.

How to learn more

For more information on each of our services please follow these links.

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- SFTR reporting
- G20 reporting

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