4 Easy Steps to Porting to UnaVista's Trade Repositories

4 Easy Steps to Porting to UnaVista's Trade Repositories

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UnaVista is committed to helping firms with the process of porting to our Trade Repository for EMIR. We have highlighted our four step process which firms can follow below: 

Step 1: Initial Notification 

Step 2: Planning and Preparation

  • If you sign you’ll get access to UnaVista UAT to sign off before going into production
  • Attend a 3-way review call to discuss the migration plan with UnaVista and your old TR
  • Agree on porting weekend date and reporting cut-off between the parties

Step 3: Execution of Transfer

  • Old TR provides you and UnaVista with the number of outstanding transactions to be ported
  • Old TR send the relevant files to UnaVista via SFTP secured connection
  • UnaVista retrieves the files and where applicable imports the data into your instance of our system

Step 4: Verification of the Data Transferred and Final Notifications

  • UnaVista confirms the transfer is complete
  • Access your outstanding transactions at UnaVista for final verification
  • Start reporting your outstanding transactions at UnaVista on the Monday

(To port out of UnaVista, please contact your account manager for further information).

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