Regulatory Reporting

UnaVista provides a number of award winning regulatory solutions to help firms not only comply with regulations, but get better business insight and safeguard against future regulatory change. Use UnaVista in one of these two ways

Report direct to our regulated central utilities

Firms can report directly to one of UnaVista's regulated central utilities for EMIR and MiFIR. Send in your data in our specified format, we will then do the required validation 

Let our Rules Engine do the hard work for you

An alternative method is to let our Rules Engine help do the hard work, automating a lot of the manual processes involved with reporting, whilst giving you total control and visibility. The UnaVista Rules Engine enables you to send in data from multiple locations, in multiple formats, it then normalises and validates the data, before enriching it with the LSEG's own reference data sources. The Rules Engine can then determine for you which transactional data is relevant for which global regulations, before creating the reports on your behalf.

Find out more about each of our regulatory solutions on each of the links below.

UnaVista is an award winning European trade repository

Europe's leading MiFID transaction reporting arm across all asset classes

Address multiple G20 reporting regulations through one interface.