Introduction to UnaVista

Introduction to UnaVista

UnaVista provides a number of solutions to help your business reduce operational and regulatory risk. Our complete solution enables transforms onerous regulatory reporting obligations into one simplified package.

The fives modules are designed to provide the best possible end-to-end reporting experience, helping you to not just report but to meet your obligations for best practice systems and controls. However we are flexible to your needs, meaning you can pick and choose the modules that work best for your business

Here’s what you get with UnaVista

  • Rules Engine – enables you upload data in any structured format. It converts, normalises and enriches the data using the in-built logic, and routes to the required NCA.
  • Reporting – approved ARM and Trade Repository in the UK and the EU. Additional regulations we can help you with include SFTR, ASIC, MAS, HKMA, FinfraG, Bank of Israel commodity positions reporting and more.
  • Reconciliations - 3-way Reconciliations allows for one or multiple parties to reconcile the transactions held by the client, UnaVista’s ARM and the regulator.
  • Analytics – ‘always on’ solution enables you demonstrate that you have the right control frame work in place to reduce regulatory and operational risks. 
  • Data – firms can use UnaVista’s eligibility data files to determine trade eligibility under MIFID II and EMIR and enrich their reference data.

Benefits of using UnaVista

Reduced risk exposure

Fully audited integrated workflow to fit in with your compliance procedures. Single module for multiple regulations reducing data fragmentation and system administration.

Future proof your compliance

As regulations evolve or new regulations emerge you can use the same connection into UnaVista and the rules engine will do the mapping for you.

Be confident you have been compliant

The regulators "encourage firms to regularly review the integrity of their transaction reporting to ensure they have been successfully submitted". UnaVista assists with this process by enabling firms to reconcile between their own back-office data, the data held by UnaVista and the data held by the NCA.

Have one system for all of your transaction reports

UnaVista allows you to report on every reportable asset class and to all eligible NCAs. You can also use UnaVista for reporting for other global regulations including global derivative trade reporting regimes in the UK, EU, Asia and North America.

More accurate reference data

UnaVista takes ESMA and FCA’s FIRDS data sources which we then enrich with other data sources in order to cover derivative instruments listed outside of the EEA and UK, so you can ensure it is the most accurate on the market. 

Proactively monitor for errors and omissions

The ‘always on’ solution helps firms detect data accuracy anomalies and enable peer group analysis, with the use of interactive dashboards and alerts

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