G20 Reporting

An Intro to...G20 Reporting

In September 2009 G20 member states endorsed a plan to increase the transparency of the global markets in order to promote financial stability. This means that OTC derivative contracts now have to be reported to a trade repository and cleared through a CCP.

How each of the member state implements the regulation is down to the local regulator, some of these regulations are already live and some are in progress.

How UnaVista can help.

UnaVista's Rules Engine allows firms to address multiple G20 Reporting regulations all through one interface, so you don't need to set up multiple connections or interact with 20 different repositories.

UnaVista is an award winning EMIR Trade Repository, processing billions of transactions per year for thousands of global firms. To find out how we can help you with your reporting for EMIR and other jurisdictions please get in contact below.

One interface for all your derivative reporting

  • Get visibility across all of your business with a centralised view of all of your global derivative data. 
  • You only need to connect to UnaVista, and we will manage the connections to the regulators and repositories so you don’t have to. 

It's quick to be set up on and easy to update 

  • UnaVista is a hosted solution, that means there is no local installation, and no long onboarding programmes.
  • You will always have the most up to date systems, therefore if the regulations change we can change the validations to reflect

Future-proof for upcoming regulations

  • If new regulations come out that you need to comply with then, UnaVista can add them on, no need for you to build tactical solutions and no stress about another onboarding project. 

LSEG is an experienced and regulated company

  • LSEG has a wealth of regulatory experience in-house, and has been central to helping firms with financial regulation since its inception.

  • As a regulated company we have the highest standards for data protection and security, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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