UnaVista Analytics

UnaVista Analytics

Drive new insights from your regulatory reporting

It is vitally important that firms are in control of their regulatory data. Without the correct controls in place, reporting can be a costly operational burden. With dynamic dashboards and alerts, UnaVista Analytics gives you the tools to understand whether you stand out to the regulators, and to improve your underlying data.

Advanced analytics made accessible for all

We’re developing analytics around your needs. UnaVista Analytics has been designed and developed with the help and feedback of our user community – and will continue to grow and evolve to meet your needs.

Implement a control framework for your business
Our Analytics help you meet the regulator’s requirement for effective control frameworks as set out in the FCA principles for business, Senior Managers Regime and MiFIR RTS 22.

Benefit from the experience of the community
Our Analytics tools are built in collaboration with LSEG’s market surveillance team and the collective knowledge of our reporting community.

Increase confidence in your reporting
Remove uncertainty from reporting, with dashboards and alerts identifying reporting trends – and highlighting issues such as those previously highlighted by the regulators in Market Watches.

Benchmark performance against peers
See where reporting issues make you an outlier compared to your peers and the wider market – by benchmarking against the largest MiFID II community in Europe.

Simplify your access to analytics
Start using Analytics now within your existing UnaVista account, with no need to upload additional data, sign complex third-party agreements, or send data externally.

Focus on insights, not admin
UnaVista maintains all the dashboards for you, to ensure they are always up to date with the latest regulatory guidance and industry feedback.


UnaVista Analytics Reporting Performance

Reporting Performance

Gain a better understanding of your regulatory reporting quality, timeliness and use of reference data, with dynamic dashboards – available as part of your ARM package for UnaVista clients.

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UnaVista Analytics Data Accuracy

Available now:

Data Accuracy

Upgrade to access the Data Accuracy module, dashboards and alerts enabling the detection of data accuracy issues – available with UnaVista Analytics. Use advanced analytics to ensure the accuracy of your reporting data and meet regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Data Accuracy include:

  • Gain data visibility with interactive dashboards to drill into data accuracy issues.
  • Get alerts when data accuracy issues arise to help spot data inaccuracies
  • Detailed peer-to-peer analysis to show where your reporting differs from your peer groups. And understand where your data an outlier.

Learn more about Data Accuracy

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