T2S Matching

T2S Matching

UnaVista's T2S matching and workflow solution, provides participants of the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) European settlement programme with a single interface in which to manage all of their T2S communication. 

Use UnaVista's GUI to improve visibility

UnaVista provides an interface to view  all your T2S settlement messages in one place, giving you the ability to identify the settlement status for each trade, and make any manual modifications or cancellations of trades. UnaVista will also show you the messages that have not been successfully applied to the market and are therefore in need of attention, as well as a provide workflow management for modification requests that require approval by another user.

Advanced validation for all of your T2S messaging

Bespoke rules specific to your needs can help to provide a first level of validation for any messages passing to and from the T2S system. UnaVista can alert users to failing validation such as incorrect formats or population of fields.

Match your unmatched settlement messages

UnaVista can assist with matching trades where your CSD cannot. The platform can apply matching rules that you define and enable users to manage instances of near-matching using forces and breaks to secure trade settlement as necessary.

Automate advanced settlement instruction 

UnaVista can apply logic to automate the settlement process for all the advanced settlement instructions available under T2S, including linked settlement, priority settlement, partial settlement and hold and release settlement.

View the ISO20022 messages in the way that benefits you

The ISO20022 messages required for T2S have over 2000 fields, many of which you may not need when ensuring a trade settles. UnaVista can map the fields that are important to you and display them in a way that helps your business.

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