Report multiple regulations all on UnaVista

Report multiple regulations all on UnaVista

UnaVista is the only platform that is a MiFID Approved Reporting Mechanism and is an approved EMIR trade repository. UnaVista can take your data in any format, validate it, enrich it with our sources of reference data and determine what is reportable for each regulation.

Use our European regulatory experience

London Stock Exchange Group has been at the forefront of helping clients with European regulations for decades. We are a trusted, neutral and regulated venue already providing many regulatory services such as Regulatory News Service (RNS), National Numbering Agency (ISIN) and regulatory reporting (UnaVista).

Use our regulatory reporting experience

As a market leading MiFID Approve Reporting Mechanism (ARM), UnaVista reports c1 billion multi-asset transactions annually to multiple regulators, including over 300 million derivatives on behalf over 600 clients. Our trade repository will harness the power of our transaction reporting service.

STP from CCPs part of the LSE Group

As well as connecting to all European CCPs, firms will be able to report straight through from the CCPs that are part of the LSE Group, making the most of our Group’s infrastructure.

More than just a trade repository

UnaVista can assist you with more than just EMIR and MiFID. The UnaVista’s Rules Engine acts as a central hub for the production of data to meet global regulatory reporting requirements. With linkages to global trade repositories the UnaVista rules engine helps firms to meet global regulations. Using a firm’s source data, our global multi asset class reference data of 5m tradable products and the relevant regulation’s rules logic, the data is enriched and routed to the required destinations. UnaVista also has solutions for various regulations such as Financial Transaction Tax, Short Selling, FATCA and more. Learn more about the different regulations we can help you with view here.

Fulfil your MiFID reconciliation obligations

UnaVista has a powerful matching and reconciliation engine, allowing you to fulfil your obligation to reconcile your trade with the counterparties before submission. UnaVista will also allow you to match the trades with your counterparties after submission, so you can be sure your data is correct.

Enrich your data

By connecting to UnaVista you can enrich your data from multiple sources of reference data, including SEDOL Masterfile and entity relationship data.

How to get involved with UnaVista 

Come to an event

We run lots of events throughout the year to help you stay up to date with the latest regulations. We also run training courses on regulations to help you improve your knowledge. To see upcoming events and conferences please check out our events page. To view videos of our recent Regulatory Risk Seminar here

Test our platform

We have been running a working group with clients for EMIR, to help build out a Trade Repository to best fit your needs. If you are interested in testing the platform please let us know on the form below. 

Meet with our team

We have a team of account managers who can explain more about how UnaVista works, we also have some of the leading experts in the world on MiFID and EMIR reporting and work closely with partner firms to provide consultancy advice to clients. To meet or discuss matters with any of our team please let us know below.