UnaVista Transaction Intelligence Solution

UnaVista Transaction Intelligence

UnaVista has developed a suite of services to enable firms to derive additional value from their reported data. UnaVista’s Transaction Intelligence is a 3-module analytics solution that applies surveillance patterns to reported data to help firms proactively detect data quality issues and monitor for suspicious transactions.

The T+1 alerting service uses the existing MiFIR transactional data firms have reported to UnaVista’s ARM, ensuring clients have no additional set up or requirement to send additional data. The solution will be phased in starting with Reporting Quality Alerts, then Anti-Money Laundering and Market Abuse Alerts and finally, Behavioural Alerts. The solution will evolve to accommodate other regulations including EMIR, SFTR, global derivative reporting and other regulations reportable through UnaVista’s platform.

In addition to alerting, users get a workflow that allows the alerts to be tracked while under investigation with an audited timeline. Based on client feedback in Europe and the US, we will also be offering the opportunity for Order alerts. To find out more about Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), visit our MAR regulation page

What are the three modules of UnaVista’s Transaction Intelligence?

Module 1 –Reporting Quality Alerts

The first module of the solution highlights errors and potential systemic issues in a client’s reported MiFIR transaction reporting data. The alerts received will include:

  • Duplicate Transaction Alert
  • Incorrect Use of DEAL Alerts
  • Incorrect Use of MTCH Alert
  • Incorrect Capacity for Order Transmission Alert
  • Unusual Trade Size
  • Potential Erroneous Multiplier Alert
  • Misuse of Internal Account (INTC)
  • Unknown Instrument Alert
  • Unknown LEI
  • Blank Buyer/Seller Field

Module 2 - Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Market Abuse Alerts

The second module of the solution highlights abusive behaviour covered by MAR (for more on MAR visit our regulation page). The alerts received will include:

  • Insider dealing
  • Wash Trading
  • Front Running 
  • Ramping
  • Marking the close 
  • Mirror Trading

Module 3 – Behavioural Alerts

The third module of the solution provides firms with a set of risk management tools to monitor Value-at-Risk (VAR) and Expected Shortfall, Volatility Forecasting etc. With this module, firms can also perform peer-to-peer analysis, benchmarking and trading performance. Reference Price Inference and Price Forecasting are also capabilities within module 3.

Benefits of UnaVista’s Transaction Intelligence

Unrivalled expertise

  • Enjoy the expertise of London Stock Exchange’s Market Supervision team who have designed and built the Transaction Intelligence solution and are responsible for the real-time and post-trade supervision/surveillance of trading on the London Stock Exchange plc. Leverage the surveillance and technology experts from across surveillance, exchange, regulatory and investment bank perspective. UnaVista will offer expert access to clients where necessary to assist.

Improve reporting quality

  • Improve the quality of your reporting with easy access to trends and patterns in your firm’s transactional data. UnaVista’s Transaction Intelligence also provides more detailed insights into errors.

Identify revenue opportunities

  • Identify new revenue opportunities with analytics that can highlight where trades could have been executed differently to improve margins

Comply with confidence

  • Get additional confidence that you are complying with the MAR as the alert queries in module two of the solution; AML and Market Abuse, have been specifically mapped to MAR. We also include behavioural alerts which can trigger potential Order-based alerts from only transactional data.

Minimise manual error

  • Reduce reliance on manual and unreliable processes to monitor for potential AML and market Abuse. UnaVista’s Transaction Intelligence solution operates a T+1 alerting service that will automatically send suspicious alerts to a firm. All alert algorithms embedded into the UnaVista Transaction Intelligence solution have been developed and coded within the Quantitative Surveillance team. They are based on MSS real-time alerting patterns designed by LSE Market Supervision.

Save on set-up cost

  • Save on expensive and complex technology with UnaVista’s a hosted solution, that means there is no local installation, and no long onboarding programmes. Unlike traditional trade surveillance systems that have a high set-up cost and implementation time, UnaVista’s Transaction Intelligence utilises customers' existing transaction reporting data feeds and as such, clients will not be required to send in any additional data to benefit from this solution.

Best-in-class data protection and security

  • London Stock Exchange Group has a wealth of regulatory experience in-house and has been central to helping firms with financial regulation since its inception. As a regulated company we have the highest standards for data protection and security, giving you one less thing

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