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Ahead of Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) go-live, UnaVista has established collaboration with Delta Capita to provide UnaVista clients with access to the latest standardised SFTR data test pack with industry consensus.

SFTR regulation mandates firms to report SFTR transactions. Testing prior regulatory reporting go-live is one of the most important aspects of preparation.

Why Testing?

Failure to test properly can lead to more breaks, operational delays and potential sanctions.

By using this industry-standard test pack, UnaVista clients are able to thoroughly test and prepare for SFTR, by utilising all the tools they might need for this, including:

  • comprehensive model of scenarios, events and validation rules; all traceable to ESMA’s RTS and ITS (approximately 5,000 field level tests and 240 test events),
  • all of the trade and reference data that are needed to test, 
  • the expected results to help diagnose any issues,
  • peer group benchmarking of your test progress.

UnaVista’s clients who license the test pack will benefit from an enhanced testing data set, reducing their own testing effort and costs.

Testing can be difficult, but the Test Pack is designed to ensure you can save time and have confidence you are using the industry consensus for your results. 

  • It provides full traceability to help with audits
  • It can evolve when the rules change
  • It is widely accepted, being already used by 10+ large sell-side firms

The SFTR Test Pack includes:

  • A generic interactive standardised model of SFTR business scenarios (html format) providing clients with a holistic integrated navigable view of:
    • traceability from authority source (e.g. RTS)
    • product business scenario definitions (e.g. cleared / uncleared)
    • life cycle events (e.g. recalls, returns, corporate actions)
    • event / report triggers (which SFTR reports are triggered by which events)
    • data attributes per report with conditionality and validation rules
  • A set of standard test trades and supporting data (CSV format) selected by the client for use in its UAT
  • A set of expected results (CSV and ISO20022 format) based on the standard test trades and supporting data containing the SFTR reports that should be produced by the client’s systems
  • Instructions explaining how the client should use the Test Pack
  • A template for the client to submit test progress information
  • Benchmark information comparing client test progress with anonymised results from other clients
  • All Test Pack artefacts will be made available for download from a secure site

The Test pack scope:

Product scope includes: repo, securities borrow/loan (stock and commodities), buy/sell back and all counterpart pairs, scenarios and life cycle events defined in the SFTR Test Pack Strategy

Product scope excludes: Securities Borrow/Loan (SBL) clearing; margin lending and collateral re-use (cash re-investment and funding sources)

View on-demand webinar: 'SFTR Testing and Buy-side Consensus'

In this webinar, UnaVista and Delta Capita discuss the importance of testing as a way of preparing for reporting obligations under this important upcoming regulation.

The webinar provides an insight into the market issues today and a detailed exam of industry standards-based testing, the benefits of that approach and a number of best practice examples.

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Key points include:
• SFTR challenges for the buy-side
• What is a test pack?
• Testing approach: traceability and best practices
• How this benefits the buy-side
• Q&A

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