UnaVista MiFIR Accelerator Programme

UnaVista MiFIR Accelerator Programme

Get in shape for MiFIR reporting

In order to assure a smooth transition for existing clients and appropriate due diligence for new reporting firms, UnaVista is encouraging all parties expecting to report, to begin preparation for MiFIR as early as possible.

UnaVista has put together a MiFIR Accelerator programme, allowing firms to assess their state of readiness and assist in preparations for MiFIR reporting.  The programme includes an online tool which allows for the upload of non-production sets of MiFIR data and identifies gaps in content and format, allowing firms to focus on their data readiness initiatives.

Get ready well ahead of time

Dedicated MiFIR Accelerator Test Tool 

Our dedicated Accelerator Test Tool allows you to upload test Ms Excel or csv files for appraisal of data readiness, so that you can identify early which areas you need to work on. For a demonstration of the test tool please get in contact here.

Q3 2016 Access to MiFIR UAT System 

Using the Accelerator Test Tool allows for feedback and planning to complete internal projects and be ready for early UAT.

First Choice of UAT and Onboarding Timelines 

Schedule access to test and on-board well before the reporting deadline – removing risk and helping you with capacity and resource planning.

Benefit from preferential pricing

Volume Discounted Pricing

UnaVista’s tiered pricing model means that increased MiFIR reporting volumes will result in decreased per transaction cost.

Best practices to assist your preparation

Early Access to Field Specification and Readiness Checklist 

Allowing for identification and planning of required work streams.

LEI Readiness Check 

Understand whether you have all of the LEIs your business needs based on expected reportable entities and asset classes.

Bulk LEI Allocation Service 

Beat the inevitable late rush to obtain all the LEIs you need, use our bulk LEI allocation service to benefit from a sliding scale discount.

A helping hand to help you prepare

Expert Support

Up to 3 days of expert technical support to assist in data preparation, testing and planning. 


Access to updated MiFIR Foundation Course to ensure that you are up to date with the regime’s changes.

Bespoke Onboarding and Migration Plan

Your technical support resource will build a plan works for your business, including scheduling access to expert resources, UAT, testing and production.

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