UnaVista Transaction Intelligence Solution

Summary of the Regulation

In 2014 the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and the Directive on Criminal Sanctions for Market Abuse were published with an implementation date of 3 July 2016.
MAR seeks to enhance and harmonise the EU regime on market abuse. It will increase the scope of existing offences and introduce new offences such as attempted insider dealing, manipulation of benchmarks and commodities and enhance requirements on firms operating in the EU financial markets.

MAR applies directly in each EU member state without requiring states to produce laws that implement MAR's provisions. CSMAD requires each Member State to implement legislation to ensure that market abuse is a criminal offence which can be effectively punished. Together, they seek to improve confidence in the integrity of the European financial markets. For more on the regulation, visit the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) page.

How UnaVista can help

UnaVista is an approved reporting mechanism (ARM) for MiFID II transaction reporting, that can help you meet all your regulatory transaction reporting obligations, both for yourself and your clients
The onset of the MAR regulation has led Unavista to create a new product called UnaVista Transaction Intelligence which uses customers existing data feeds for transaction reporting, to monitor for suspected market abuse.

Types of Alerts 

Our alerting system will leverage our internal surveillance teams alerting logic, integrated in UnaVista using our technology to provide alerts on the below:

Market Abuse Alerts

  • Insider Dealing
  • Marking the Close
  • Wash Trading
  • Ramping
  • Front Running

Behavioural Alerts

  • Beating the Market
  • Unusual Trade Size
  • Unusual Trade Price
  • Unusual P&L
  • Self Execution

What we are planning to offer

  • T+1 alerting service using existing MiFID transactional data, accessed through the UnaVista UI.
  • Phased approach starting with European Equity alerting under MiFID with plans to extend to other asset classes for Phase 2 when MiFIR goes live in 2018.
  • In addition to alerting, users get a workflow that allows the alerts to be tracked while under investigation with an audited timeline.
  • Based on client feedback in Europe and the US, we will also be offering the opportunity for Order alerts.

Designed in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange's Surveillance team

  • Designed and built in partnership with the London Stock Exchanges Market Supervision team who are responsible for the real-time and post-trade supervision/surveillance of trading on the London Stock Exchange plc.
  • All alert algorithms embedded into the Unavista MAR solution have been developed and coded within the Quantitative Surveillance team. They are based on MSS real-time alerting patterns designed by LSE Market Supervision.
  • All alert queries have been mapped to the Market Abuse Regulation specifically. We also include behavioural alerts which can trigger potential Order-based alerts from only transactional data.
  • Our MAR Alerts solution leverages the surveillance and technology experts from across surveillance, exchange, regulatory and investment bank perspective. We will offer expert access to clients where necessary to assist.

It’s quick to set up and easy to update

  • Traditional trade surveillance systems have a high set-up cost and implementation time which is not the case with Unavista as it utilises customers' existing transaction reporting data feeds.
  • UnaVista is a hosted solution, that means there is no local installation, and no long onboarding programmes.

LSEG is an experienced and regulated company

•    LSEG has a wealth of regulatory experience in-house, and has been central to helping firms with financial regulation since its inception.
•    As a regulated company we have the highest standards for data protection and security, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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