Form PF Solution

Summary of the regulation

Form PF (private fund) is an SEC filing covered under Title IV of the Dodd-Frank Act requires registered private fund advisors which includes Private Funds, Large Hedge Funds and Large Private Equity & Liquidity Fund to periodically file to the SEC covering a broad range of information around the requested fund(s), this includes Valuation information (NAV, GAV, RAUM), exposures (to asset class, strategy, geography, and counterparty), Turnover information, Liquidity information and Risk data (such as VAR).

The challenges around successfully implementing Form PF can be extensive in nature;

  • Collating data coming from multiple sources in a variety of data structures,
  • Aggregating data up at multiple different levels and categories,
  • Carrying out complex calculations
  • XML validation, generation and submission

How can UnaVista help?

Have one view of all of your data

UnaVista can take data from multiple sources in multiple formats, allowing you to send in data from all of your different offices and platforms., UnaVista will then validate against the regulatory requirements and normalise your data giving you one view across your business.
UnaVista will use this unique golden source regulatory data and generate the right filing for a host of regulations. This removes siloed operating models, reduces costs and operational risk, giving clients full transparency to their regulatory obligations.

Get an enhanced understanding of your data

Data aggregation can be performed helping you to aggregate positions and valuations across asset class, strategy, geography and counterparty, as required under Form PF.

Easy to use interface to manage your filings

Complete audit and data linage support coupled with enriched exception management and automated validation allows you to manage, workflow task to ensure your filing is complete, accurate and on time.

Use UnaVista to calculate your valuations

Using your pre-agreed methods UnaVista can calculate valuations and exposures for you.

We manage the connections and formats so you don't have to

UnaVista connects to regulators globally to automate your filings, so you only need to send your data in UnaVista in the format you choose. After validation, enrichment and normalisation, we will then determine which competent authorities you need to report to, automatically generate the report and send it to the regulator in their specified format on your behalf.

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