UnaVista Trade Repository fees

These prices are valid from 1 January 2019. 

Reported Transactions UnaVista Ltd

Lower band

Upper band

Price per UTI (£)



Included in licence fee

















  • A minimum fee of £3,000 per annum applies to each LEI submitting data to the Trade Repository. This £3,000 fee includes 2,000 free UTIs to be submitted to UnaVista Trade Repository.
  • A cap of £200,000 per annum will apply to clients reporting directly to the trade repository for their own reporting using 1 LEI 
  • A cap of £350,000 per annum will apply to clients reporting directly to the trade repository on behalf of multiple entities (more than one LEI) within the same group. 


The previous additional 25% maintenance charge no longer applies.

Clients reporting on behalf of 3rd parties (Delegated reporting)

Firms may report on behalf of their counterparties or even an entity that is not their counterparty (usually in capacity of Third Party Administrator). A minimum fee of £50,000 per annum will apply to each legal entity using the delegated reporting service and view only access for delegated clients at £2,000 per annum

The submitting firm will be charged on a per UTI basis as with single entity reporting. All fees will be billed to the delegated reporting service provider.

A cap of £350,000 per annum applies to delegated reporting service providers. 

Small volume delegated reporting:

  1. Minimum annual charge: £5,000 includes 50,000 free UTIs with no limit on the number of reporting firm LEIs.
  2. Once the client exceeds 50,000 combined UTIs they will follow the standard pricing bandings (ie. starting at £0.0675).
  3. Once the customer exceeds 221,000 UTIs per annum they are no longer considered a small volume client and our standard delegated reporting pricing applies.

Service providers

Service providers that offer clients a service that collates their data and routes it in the correct format to the clients chosen ESMA approved TR, may interface with the UnaVista Trade Repository. UnaVista Ltd will therefore offer this service provider licence to any organisation, provided that the service provider compiles their clients data into the standard UnaVista format, and that they own the relationship with their clients, including the ability to amend data.

UnaVista Ltd will charge service providers the same Trade Repository licence fees as client reporting on their own behalf. For example, if reporting on behalf of a single client, the charge will go through standard UnaVista Trade Reporting volume bands and be capped at £350,000. Should the service provider report on behalf of multiple clients, the same total annual cap applies at £350,000.


Porting into UnaVista Trade Repository (voluntary porting)

When a client requires onboarding from another TR, standard EMIR cost & transaction charges apply for the latest state of outstanding derivatives ported to UnaVista TR from another TR and count towards applicable capping for both non-delegated and delegated clients. Additional PS days will be charged as an ad-hoc project if the client wants to port all lifecycles pertaining to the outstanding derivatives ported to UnaVista TR.

Porting out from UnaVista Trade Repository (voluntary porting)

When a Client needs to off board from UnaVista, billing will apply on a time and material basis at our standard PS daily rate

Porting initiated by a Trade Repository (withdrawal)

No fees must be charged to Clients/TRs in the case where UnaVista would cease its operations. In case of withdrawal of another TR, fees applying to porting in to UnaVista will apply.

LEI Changes (QA40)

Changing LEIs on existing records requires the update of historical records with the new LEI and allow future submissions via a new LEI. The pricing model for LEI updates should therefore follow a similar approach as our standard EMIR Pricing: a £3,200 base fee is charged to account for up to 100.000 records updated, the related administrative tasks, quality assurance and notifications. A further £ 200 is charged for each subsequent batch of 100.000 records updated.

Standard EMIR Transaction charge will apply after the change has taken place from activation date onwards

In case of cancellation, the same pricing will apply.

Open Trades Charge

These charges no longer apply 

UnaVista Trade Repository fees are transparent and non-discriminatory.