Regulatory Reporting Suite

The London Stock Exchange has been assisting firms with their reporting duties since the practice began. We have developed a close relationship with regulators and have accumulated years of experience in the field. UnaVista has been designed using this experience to help firms improve their non-revenue generating processes to become compliant in a more efficient manner.

The UnaVista regulatory reporting suite provides you with a comprehensive group of products and services that will help you reduce your operational risk through meeting all of your regulatory reporting needs. It is designed to provide you with all the key elements that regulators look for when auditing firms.

Transaction Reporting

UnaVista offers two methods of regulatory reporting, Standard Reporting and Direct Reporting. Standard Reporting provides a higher than mandated service for all transaction reporting needs. Direct Reporting gives you everything Standard Reporting offers but goes one step further and resolves the most common issues seen in reporting, which are created at the data translation layer.

Standard Reporting

  • ARM for multiple European Regulators (FCA, AFM, AMF, BaFin)
  • Processes all asset types and multiple data formats
  • Hosted service with data storage for 7 years
  • Exceeds mandatory validation.

Direct Reporting

  • Remove costly middleware
  • UnaVista Rules Engine generates, transforms and submits reports from your source data
  • Full visibility of process including data enrichment and normalisation using multiple static sources
  • Remove the cost and risk of software upgrades as a result of regulatory changes.

Static Reference Data

To help you meet your regulatory reporting obligations, we will provide you with the following:

  • MiFID eligible reference data feed
  • Cross reference to ISIN, SEDOL Aii codes
  • Access to global SEDOL Masterfile with over 5m multi asset class traded instruments.

Management Dashboards

Understand every element of your business with UnaVista’s flexible dashboards, customisable reporting and charting, all of which are exportable to PDF and excel.

  • Monthly, weekly and daily reports
  • Volume metrics and trends
  • Risk analysis and trends.

Daily Reconciliation

Ensure you get to your exceptions before they become a problem.

  • Daily back office reconciliations against UnaVista to identify data omissions
  • Reporting and sign off functions
  • Reconciliations with FCA reported data.


We want to help you improve how you use UnaVista. We will provide you with training on:

  • UnaVista platform
  • Creating an efficient reporting process
  • Regulatory updates and clarification.

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