New Bulkupload for ISINs through Pegasus

As of Monday 11 June 2018, Authorised Corporate Directors (ACDs), Fund Administrators, Fund Managers and Banks will be able to directly submit their pre-populated ISIN Bulkupload form through the Pegasus online ISIN submission platform, without having to go through the full submission process.

This functionality has been added with frequent users in mind who request large volumes of ISIN codes from the London Stock Exchange. The enhancement will greatly simplify the current submission process for fund managers and similar issuers alike.

How do I get this?
If you are an ACD, Fund Administrator, Fund Manager or Bank and are already registered with Pegasus, please email to request this functionality.

How do I complete a Bulkupload form?
You can find example Bulkupload templates and data from the SEDOL Masterfile Dictionary on the SEDOL Documentation page here.

If you require additional assistance to populate the Bulkupload form including the CFI assignment for your product, please do not hesitate to contact us where we’ll be happy to help.

How soon will I get my ISIN codes?
We aim to process your request within 24 hours (business days) so please ensure you allow yourself adequate time for us to return the codes back should your request be time sensitive. If there is a problem with your request, we will contact you as soon as possible.