New ISIN submission process

New ISIN submission process

[Updated: 15 June 2017] London Stock Exchange Plc is pleased to announce that it will be migrating to a new online ISIN request tool ‘Pegasus’ on 20 June 2017. The new tool is part of our continuing commitment to provide best in class issuer services and facilitating the market with timely and accurate reference data. Pegasus utilises innovative technology to assist with the processing and issuance of ISIN & CFI codes. 

Pegasus is replacing our existing email submission process and will ensure that all ISIN requests can be processed quicker, providing applicants with the data they need without delay. 

Can I use Pegasus immediately on the go-live date?

Before you can use the tool you will need to register for a free account on UnaVista, this will mean you can use Pegasus immediately when it goes live. We would encourage you to register now if you haven’t already done so. To register on UnaVista please click here.

Once registered and you have accessed UnaVista, click the “Request UK ISIN” button which will take you through to the Pegasus registration screen. Registration is quick and easy and only needs to be done once.

If you have already pre-registered for a UnaVista account and use the same link then you will be prompted by Pegasus to create a different password for ISIN submission.

Also for your convenience, there will be a ‘New User Registration for Pegasus’ link on our ISIN Services webpage once our new website section is relaunched over the coming days.

How can I submit my ISIN request through Pegasus after registering?

ISIN requests can be made through the UnaVista website once registered, by clicking on the “Request UK ISIN” button which will take you through to ‘Pegasus’. Alternatively, you will be able to access ‘Pegasus’ directly via the “Request an ISIN” link that will be located on the ISIN Services web page –

Is there a User guide available for Pegasus?

Yes. A Pegasus User guide and Checklist will be made available on the new ISIN Services web page once launched.

We believe that applying for an ISIN through Pegasus is very intuitive and straight forward but should you have any questions please contact us at where we’ll be happy to assist.

ISIN application Guidance Policy guide

We have also issued guidance notes giving details on who can apply for an ISIN from the London Stock Exchange Plc and what documentation is required.

By submitting a request for an ISIN, the applicant warrants that it has the legal authority to request an identifier on behalf of the issuer of the security that is the subject of the ISIN; and warrants that all information supplied shall be true and correct in all material respects. You can download a copy of it here. Or alternatively, please visit us at for more information.

Should you have any queries, including updates or changes to ISINs issued by the London Stock Exchange (Prefix: GB, GG, IM & JE) please email

Please note: 

Any queries or updates relating to existing UK ISINs are no longer being processed from the following email addresses - and You can continue using these email addresses for SEDOL requests and queries on existing SEDOL data respectively