AIFMD Reporting


UnaVista can assist you in reporting to the relevant competent authorities.

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) aims to create a harmonised regulatory framework for Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) in the European Union.

As part of the directive an AIFM is required to register for authorisation with a local competent authority by 22 July 2014.  Authorisation is designed to provide transparency around how the AIFM works, as well as set out operating conditions that the AIFM must adhere to. To find out more about these, read our summary of AIFMD here.

A third aspect of the directive is that AIFMs need to report details of their funds to the relevant competent authority on quarterly, biannual or annual basis depending on the size of the fund. That report is split into manager level and fund level and includes exposures, risk profiles, AuM calculations, investment strategies and more.

UnaVista can assist you with the reporting of this information to the relevant competent authorities, removing the need for you to set up connections to multiple jurisdictions. See below for more information.

Have one view of all of your data

UnaVista can take data from multiple sources in multiple formats, allowing you to send in data from all of your different offices and platforms, UnaVista will then validate against the regulatory requirements and normalise your data giving you one view across your business.

Get an enhanced understanding of your data

Data aggregation can be performed helping you to aggregate positions and valuations across venue, sub-asset type or long and short exposures, as required under AIFMD.

Enrich your data using our reference data sources

Utilise London Stock Exchange Group's wide pool of reference data to enrich your own, including:

  • Currency Conversion to the Euro using the rate provided by European Central Bank,
  • Mapping of traded securities to AIFMD Asset type typology code,
  • Access to hierarchy of Macros Asset type, Asset type and Sub-asset type for mapping,
  • ISO country code mapping and MIC code mapping to AIFMD region listing,
  • BIC, LEI and National Identification Code mapping to counterparty/entity identification,
  • ISIN, SEDOL code mapping for security identification
  • ESMA defined static data such as strategy codes, geography regions and sub-asset codes

Use UnaVista to aggregate valuations

Using your pre-agreed methods UnaVista can calculate exposures and concentrations for you. 

We manage the connections and formats so you don't have to

UnaVista can connect to all of the EU competent authorities, so you only need to send your data in UnaVista in the format you choose. After validation, enrichment and normalisation, we will then determine which competent authorities you need to report to, automatically generate the report and send it to the regulator in their specified format on your behalf.

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