UnaVista Ambassador Network 


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What is the UnaVista Ambassador Network?

UAN is an initiative to engage and leverage the existing positive sentiment within UnaVista’s community through a variety of channels. The programme is open to clients, partners and employees that have an existing relationship with UnaVista.

How can I join the Ambassador programme?

Existing clients can fill in the checklist and sign up via our Client Services team while new clients may sign up via their Account Managers, key points of contact or fill the form on the website.

What type of Ambassador can I be?

We’ve identified four key personality profiles you can select from; Collaborators, Educators, Validators and Influencers with their corresponding key characteristics for guidance. Ambassadors can choose to participate in a mix of categories that they deem suitable.

Who manages the programme on an on-going basis and who can I contact with queries?

The UnaVista marketing team manages the programme on the back-end and are contactable on unavistaambassador@lseg.com. However, Ambassadors may choose to centralise their relationship via a key point of contact which could be their account managers or any other client-facing member of the UnaVista team.

Can I recommend a colleague / peer to participate as well?

Yes, Ambassadors are encouraged to recommend their colleagues / peers to participate in any of the categories they deem suitable. Please direct any potential Ambassador to your UnaVista account manager or key point of contact.

Can I change the way I choose to participate?

Ambassadors can change the way they participate if they feel they are no longer able to add value to the programme in the existing capacity.

What type of topics will be covered when the community meets?

Ambassador events will aim to align with hot topics affecting the financial services and regulatory reporting industry. Furthermore, Ambassadors may have the opportunity to select their preferred topics at UnaVista events.

How would it overlap with current working groups?

Ambassadors can continue to participate in their current working groups however, the Ambassador network programme aims to unify the different siloed engagement initiatives and provide you with the added advantage of participating beyond the working group.

How much commitment is expected monthly, quarterly or annually?

The amount of commitment is determined by the how Ambassadors chose to participate as highlighted in the checklist above. It could range from a few minutes of sharing UnaVista content with your networks every month to 30 minutes of co-presenting with UnaVista at an industry event. The Ambassador team will be very respectful of your other commitments and work with you on a suitable and wholly acceptable engagement strategy.

Is there a vetting process involved?

There is no lengthy vetting process involved in being an Ambassador. However, interested individuals need to fulfil one or more of the criteria listed below:

  • Tenured relationship of at least six months and motivated to improve knowledge and/or use of UnaVista solutions 
  • Motivated to have a personal brand and/or relationship with UnaVista
  • Perceived expert or thought leader in their field and able to participate as part of their job role
  • Has a good understanding and experience with one or more UnaVista solution and use cases
  • Motivated by exclusive “insider” experience

For more details please email UnaVistaAmbassador@lseg.com