Webinar - How you can benefit from a larger swaps community

Webinar - How you can benefit from a larger swaps community

Webinar from 8 October 2014

London Stock Exchange Group and Omgeo have partnered to support tri-party matching of synthetic equity swaps between executing brokers, prime brokers and hedge funds/investment managers.

The Omgeo Central Trade ManagerSM (Omgeo CTM) and UnaVista solution combines the respective workflows of the two platforms. It automatically connecting hedge funds/investment managers on Omgeo CTM with the prime broker counterparties on UnaVista, to match details of the swap and communicate any match allocation breakdown. Executing Brokers can now also give-up trades to their prime broker via either Omgeo CTM or UnaVista and receive positive affirmation through either system.

This webinar will explain how the platforms will work, how it will benefit you and the next steps in the process.


  • Graeme Austin, CEO, ISITC Europe
  • Leigh Walters, Managing Director, Global Head of Sales and Partners, DTCC
  • Mike Leach, Managing Director, Global Business Development, LSEG


  • Introduction
  • Industry Need: Why Equity Swaps Matching?
  • Tri-party Matching with Omgeo CTM and UnaVista
  • How you can benefit
  • Timelines and next steps
  • Questions & Answers