Webinar: EMIR What have we learnt and what comes next

Webinar was live on 29 January 2015

EMIR reporting is one year old, there have been a number of challenges and there more to come. In this webinar we review the last year, looking at lessons learnt, a few case studies and then look forward to next year and what we are expecting from ESMA. We will provide an update on the latest RTS and ITS consultation paper, what enhancements to UnaVista we will be making and explain some other regulations you should be keeping an eye on.


  • David Ward , Marketing Manager, UnaVista, LSEG
  • Tom Wieczorek, Head of Product Management, UnaVista, LSEG
  • David Nowell , Head of Regulatory Compliance and Industry Relations, UnaVista, LSEG


  • Review of EMIR in 2014 
    • Lessons learnt
    • Client Case Study
  • What to expect next from ESMA? 
    • Update on the RTS/ITS consultation paper
    • What are the next deadlines
    • Future regulations likely to affect you, including REMIT & MiFIR