SFTR Myth-Busting....... Buy-side can delegate their obligation to report

Learn more about SFTR myths and critical issues around SFTR transaction reporting with help from UnaVista.

SFTR Myth-busting: 'Buy-side can delegate their obligation to report' 

Buy-side firms trading SFTs are required to report for SFTR.

Some firms believe they can outsource their responsibility for reporting to their brokers - but this is wrong.
In previous regulations such as EMIR, many brokers offered reporting services for their buy-side counterparts.
This meant buy-side firms did not need to report for themselves.

Whilst the buy-side can delegate their reporting operations, the responsibility always remains with them.
So if their reporting goes wrong, the sanction will still fall on them
Buy-side firms need to decide; are they prepared to outsource the risk?

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