Week 3 - Cash and Stock reconciliations

Week 3 - Cash and Stock reconciliations

In this UnaVista View series we will be taking a look at different UnaVista features every week, giving you insight into the working of UnaVista and how it can help you with your regulatory and operational risk requirements. This week it’s UnaVista’s Cash and Stock Reconciliation.

Standard generic reconciliation processes are catered for within the UnaVista solution. Areas such as cash nostro and stock based position reconciliations can be fully automated within the UnaVista environment.

Stock Reconciliation service

  • Takes stock position files from custodian and internal systems; the flexible rules based matching engine is designed to allow for matching on quantity, security ID and any other fields present.
  • Encompasses business processes around pension fund management and portfolio management reconciliations, therefore can be used to reconcile positional data. Breaks on stock positions can be exported into stock break reports, exported and printed for onward signature and storage.
  • Full integration into UnaVista workflow engine enables distribution of exceptions to interested departments within the organisation. Drill down capabilities, providing analysis of underlying details relating to a particular stock break, are also supported.


Cash Reconciliation service

  • Capable of interpreting any structured data file, therefore meeting many organisations cash reconciliation needs.
  • Fully integrated reconciliation and workflow application can match and escalate exceptions to departments for onward investigation, and ultimately pass correcting information as a file based export back to internal  systems.

Key Benefits

    • UnaVista means you can have one system for all of your reconciliations allowing you to effectively meet a wide range of complex transactional and positional reconciliation needs.
    • Gain efficiencies from normalising, validating and matching data from multiple sources through a fully automated and audited process.
    • Manage and resolve exceptions effectively with a integrated handling process.