In this UnaVista View series we will be taking a look at different UnaVista features every week, giving you insight into the working of UnaVista and how it can help you with your regulatory and operational risk requirements. This week it’s UnaVista’s Swaps Portal.

UnaVista’s new Swaps Portal provides an easier, more accurate way to manage swaps. Whether you’re a hedge fund, executing broker, or prime broker, our system helps you keep track of all your swap transactions electronically. It also makes sure you meet all your compliance obligations.


  • Since last year over 72 different firms have joined the UnaVista swaps portal. These include: - 37 brokers - 23 buy-side firms - 12 prime-brokers.
  • There are over 200,000 transactions processed on the UnaVista Swaps Portal a month.
  • Across all platforms, UnaVista now processes 2,000,000,000 records a month in multiple asset classes.
  • 15 different currencies are traded monthly on the platform.
  • Everyone of the participants now benefits from other UnaVista services such as Transaction Reporting, Reconciliations and reference data.

Key benefits

  • Gain efficiencies by using just one system for all global swap trades across multiple asset classes.
  • Reduce your risk by resolving trades on T where exceptions are made visible immediately, helping you manage your assets better.
  • Improve the Swaps Process by providing accessing benchmarking and metric reporting on your counterparties.


To find out more about the UnaVista Swaps Portal please click here