Week 1 - Management Dashboards

Week 1 - Management Dashboards

In this UnaVista View series we will be taking a look at different UnaVista features every week, giving you insight into the working of UnaVista and how it can help you with your regulatory and operational risk requirements. This week it’s UnaVista’s new Management Dashboards.

  • UnaVista offers a suite of services to assist firms with their regulatory reporting obligations.
  • Within that suite of services we offer a range of management information dashboards with advanced reporting functionality including; -submission status -late submissions -exception trend -report status -exception analysis -top 10 counterparties
  • The transparency this brings to the process is an essential tool for firms to effectively manage operational risk.

Key Benefits

  • Resolve errors quickly before they become an issue with instant visibility and comparison of reporting accuracy
  • Improve the efficiency of your exception management process using the targeted flagging of errors
  • Improve risk analysis by getting a view of the counterparties and clients with whom you are doing the most business
  • Minimise late submissions and costly trade updates/cancellations with historical tracking of reporting timeliness and status

As standard, UnaVista provides a suite of charts to enable you to visualise your transaction activity in the T+1 period. Additional management information is available to provide a more detailed historical analysis on imported data.
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