UnaVista's Partner Programme: Co-opetition at its finest

UnaVista's Partner Programme: Co-opetition at its finest

“The number and complexity of regulations coming along make it forever front of mind for clients and top of their budget priorities. It falls on UnaVista to ensure that the money clients are allocating to address regulations, which are seen as not adding competitive advantage for companies, do in fact derive some benefit."

Wendy Collins, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, UnaVista, London Stock Exchange Group

The financial services sector is notoriously competitive, so it’s something of a surprise to find ‘co-opetition’ on anyone’s lips in the London Stock Exchange Group. At UnaVista, however, part of LSEG’s information services business, the concept is positively thriving. Through the technology provider’s partnership programme, the principle of cooperative competition has become key to delivering a whole host of data handling, software support and other advice to clients coping with a regulatory onslaught. Under the Exchange’s 300-year-old grand brand, natural born rivals are creating great synergy.

Take, for example, UnaVista’s link up with DTCC, an American post-trade financial services company providing clearing and settlement services to the markets. “Although UnaVista and DTCC each have offerings for EMIR post-trade reporting,when it came to MIFIR and MiFID 2, DTCC made a strategic decision to work with UnaVista to offer its clients access to our regulatory expertise,” says Wendy Collins, global head of strategic partnerships. “So here you have two leaders in their own
markets coming together to say, ‘how can we deliver the best solution?’. It’s a good example of ‘co-opetition’.”

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