UnaVista Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

Here's what to expect from UnaVista in 2017.

UnaVista Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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Executive Summary

In 2016, clients scored UnaVista higher in all core functional area; marketing, sales, on-boarding/project delivery, product functionality, product performance, training and customer support.

Our Sales Team performed better in Professionalism and other areas like speed of response, regularity of contact, understand clients' needs and integrity.

Our On-boarding Team showed the highest improvement of 9.65%. Here are a few quotes from clients that scored us excellent and their reasons:  

  • Quality of service, commitment and deliverables - Senior Vice President, Treasury Operation, Tier 1, Sell-Side
  • Always very helpful and I always get the answer that I need - UK Operations Manager, Tier 1, Sell-Side
  • Friendliness, eagerness to help, speed of resolving query - Compliance Manager, Tier 2, Buy-Side
  • To be honest we have had little need to contact the team - Business Analyst,  Tier 2, Buy-Side

Clients highlighted the breadth of courses from our Training Team as needing improvement. UnaVista now offers monthly MiFIR and EMIR courses through a variety of channels including besoke clients training programmes.

The survey respondents spanned 26 countries with 75% in the United Kingdom. 51% of respondents were Business Leaders such as Managers, Partners, Directors and CXOs.

Marketing and Communications

Our Marketing and Communications category scored 4.09 out of 5 overall. Clients were happy with the relevance of the communication they received such as regulatory updates and notices. They also requested for more variety in our live and virtual events. We've listened to the feedback and are introducing a wider variety of working groups, forums, workshops and webinars. Keep up to date with all our events and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest UnaVista news and regulatory update.

Platform Performance and Product Functionality

Clients scored the Platform's ability to support their day-to-day role as 4.07 out of 5. Our File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Uploading Files ranked highest at 4.05 and 4.19 respectively. Some new functionality to look out for in 2017 include end-to-end data encryption from transit to rest with the ability to mask data in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and opportunity to benchmark against your peers across a range of data points.

UnaVista is continuously looking to improve the platform performance and are implementing a number of measures like a Big Data architecture to enhance scalability and process in excess of 100,000 rows of data per second making it much faster than ever before.

Client Support

Our Client Support team was rated very highly for their professionalism and integrity. On top of that, UnaVista is proud to have won the Best Customer Support award at the Compliance Register Awards in 2015. Our experienced staff are always willing to go above and beyond to solve client issues.

We've also recently introduced the Client Advancement Programme where we proactively support clients by visiting them onsite to understand and anticipate their business needs and get the most from UnaVista.


UnaVista has scheduled a variety of training courses through several different channels to enable firms prepare for changes to EMIR and the highly anticipated MiFIR reporting. Clients can attend training sessions in-person, via webex, self-service as well as arrange for bespoke on-site training for their teams.

Some of the training courses include:

Some Client Testimonials

"I experienced a professional approach from sales through to client management. UnaVista runs excellent industry workshops and exhibits quality you would expect from a London Stock Exchange brand”

- Barry Allen, Director, Head of Derivative Operations, Gain Capital UK Ltd.

“UnaVista’s service is readily available and they have very high level of expertise with an excellent speed of implementation”

- Shane Carroll, Head of Internal Portfolio Services, M&G Investments

"UnaVista has excellent training programmes back by well-documented guides and I found the system very user-friendly”

- Ana Moreira, Head Backoffice, Itau BBA International Plc

Have your say in the next UnaVista customer satisfaction survey launching in the spring.

Download the full infographic here