MiFIR for U.S. firms event videos

MiFIR for U.S. firms event videos

UnaVista held a educational event in October 2015 in New York, to help U.S. firms understand how they going to be affected by the upcoming MiFIR reporting requirements.

Introduction - Mark Husler, CEO UnaVista, LSEG

Mark Husler introduces the event, provides some background as to who UnaVista are and what the partnership with DTCC is aiming to achieve.

DTCC on the UnaVista and DTCC partnership - Christopher Childs, CEO Deriv/SERV, DTCC

Christopher Childs discusses why DTCC were looking to partner with a firm to offer their clients a MiFIR reporting solution and why they selected UnaVista as their preferred partner.

UnaVista MiFIR Accelerator Programme - Maryse Gordon, Senior Pre-Sales, UnaVista, LSEG

Maryse Gordon talks through the UnaVista MiFIR accelerator programme. The programme is designed to help firms prepare for MiFIR in time, by guiding them through what data is required, the data formats, providing training and field specifications.

UnaVista MiFIR Accelerator Test Tool Demonstration - Maryse Gordon, Senior Pre-Sales, UnaVista, LSEG

Maryse Gordon, provides a demonstration of how the Accelerator test tool can help you identify what data you have and what you need to source.











How MiFIR will affect US Firms - David Nowell, Head of Regulatory Compliance, UnaVista, LSEG

David Nowell goes into detail about the who, what and how firms will need to report for MiFIR, explaining some of the more contentious points of the regulation such as personal trader information.

David Nowell talks about how MiFIR will affect US firms