How it works

How it works

XCOM SchemeX-COM, the Triparty Collateral Management service from Monte Titoli.

Simple, easy and fast.

Monte Titoli’s X-COM platform provides a simple and fully automated access to a broad set of collateralization functionalities.

The platform manages in real time all processes involved in the opening and closing of financing facilities, and the substitution and reuse of different types of assets.

Main features of the service:

  • Operationally effortless: all activities for administrative management of collateralised positions are outsourced to Monte Titoli acting as neutral third party agent
  • Portfolio control: collateral givers can always access their whole portfolio, recalling and substituting securities
  • Risk management: continuous and effective control on market
  • exposures. Mark-to-market, eligibility criteria, haircuts and concentration limits
  • Target2-Securities: Embedded full compatibility to leverage on the facilities provided by the ECB platform, allowing settlement in central bank money

A full suite of products:

  • Guaranteed repo with CC&G, a basket negotiated  on anonymous basis and with the guarantee of Cassa Compensazione & Garanzia
  • Pledge to Bank of Italy, securities received as collateral in market transactions and used in the Bank of Italy's pooling system