globeSettle's services are made accessible to its clients through multiple communication channels:

  • SWIFT - globeSettle is compliant with the ISO 15022 standards
  • MT-X - the web-based platform of knowledge and document management


SWIFT messages are compliant with the ISO 15022 standards and, with reference to the settlement service, integration is ensured through the SWIFTNet technology.


MT-X is the web-based platform of knowledge and document management, powered by Monte Titoli and tailored to the specificities of globeSettle, through which it is possible to convey and receive all the messages available on any other network offered by globeSettle with reference to the centralised administration service.

The web system is designed to grant a high level of security, thanks to the adoption of the HTTPS protocol and a full customization of security levels. To access MT-X a profile is required (username and password) together with a personal HTTPS certificate (issued in the name of the person who is connecting). Each participant is provided with an administrator user who may easily setup and customize the security levels for all the users defined.

MT-X platform may be used either as backup channel to the other available networks or as the primary channel to exchange messages with globeSettle concerning all centralised administration service functionalities.