Issuer reporting

The FIS & CPA services provide notification for registered shareholders, from intermediaries to issuers, related to: participation in the General Meeting (CPA), dividend payment and right issue (FIS), aimed at updating the shareholders register.

The services offered are as follows:

  • Notification sent by the intermediaries is automatically checked and matched, before being made available for the intended issuers, with creation of a log file detailing the result
  • Notifications that are formally correct are automatically processed and made available to the issuers
  • Notifications containing formal mistakes are registered in standby status and may be corrected or forwarded to the issuers, at intermediaries' discretion
  • On-line alerts are automatically created, for intermediaries and issuers, in order to keep track of the deadlines to be respected for sending the files (intermediaries) and for receiving them (issuers)
  • The services offered also allow the intermediaries to send partial notifications and to send notifications on behalf of downstream correspondents
  • Notifications sent via CPA & FIS services are automatically registered in RCC service, allowing intermediaries to receive the fees that are to be paid by the issuers