Client fees settlement service

Client fees settlement service (RCC) allows settlement of fees that are to be paid by issuers to intermediaries, in connection with the notifications of the shareholders details for each corporate action, in the securities account of the final investors.

The service is offered in both interactive mode (via MT-X platform) and non-interactive mode (only calculation and payment of the fees).

Interactive mode provides the full range of facilities, including:

  • Calculation of the fees to be settled
  • Access to detailed payment reports
  • On-line storage of all paid reports
  • Modification of the fees drivers and of the amounts to be paid (only for issuers)
  • A tool for issuing and receiving invoices related to fees (applicable only for fees coming from notifications referring to General Meetings)
  • The fees are automatically settled, at the expected deadlines, in the BI-COMP system (Banca d’Italia cash settlement system)