What means CSDR for Monte Titoli

Monte Titoli, like other European CSDs, will have to deal with the re-authorization process under CSDR starting by the end September2017. The new requirements of the European regulations do not present any substantial new developments in the regulatory framework under which Monte Titoli is already operating and delivering its services.

Below  a schematic representation of areas of interest for CSD:

Organisational requirements:

In continuity with the current organizational structure, Monte Titoli has strengthened the existing governance in order to ensure effective identification and risk management as well as detection of potential conflicts of interest with its Clients

Prudential requirements:

Monte Titoli has implemented procedures and controls to monitor the new capital requirements foreseen by European legislation

Conduct of Business Rules:

In line with European regulation, Monte Titoli has adopted a pricing policy to guarantee the transparency of fees for Settlement and Centralized administration Services. In addition, the creation of a User Committee (new section link) with advisory powers is foreseen, the User Committee  will be able to intervene on  topics relevant to the actors involved in the services.

Operational requirements:

Monte Titoli operational activities do not undergo any significant change due to the applicable legislation. The main innovations will be with the implementation of new buy-in procedures and penalties that are still under finalization by the European regulation.