Issuer Services Brochure

Monte Titoli is able to offer a full range of issuer services, including centralised administration, corporate actions processing and general meeting notices, covering the entire lifecycle of issued securities.

The choice of Monte Titoli as Issuer CSD grants the issuer access not only to the Italian market but to all major international markets in which Monte Titoli operates through direct or indirect links with each CSD of reference.

Each issuer can choose to operate autonomously or through an agent; the service level in both options is the same and the connection between the issuer, or its agent, and the CSD is fully STP thanks to Monte Titoli’s web platform MT-X.

Through the MT-X platform all transactions are managed, including:

  • ISIN admission and securities centralisation;
  • Corporate actions processing mandates;
  • Payment notices;
  • Corporate actions reports;
  • Daily reporting and reconciliation.

Corporate actions and general meeting processing is in line with the international standards.

Monte Titoli has among its participants about 2,400 issuers (2017), both domestic and international.